Home Sweet Home

After traveling and being “homeless” for a month I finally have a house. I have moved so many times that I’m hoping this place will be permanent. I have moved 7 times in 10 years so I am looking forward to growing some roots. Here are some plans I have for my new home:

  1. Plant flowers. I am not very good at remembering to water my plants but I do enjoy the sight of them.
  2. Take care of my lawn. That means mowing, weeding, and watering. I even have plans to fill in the bald spots of the yard.
  3. Cultivate a relationship with my neighbors. This is the first time I have tried to get to know my neighbors but this neighborhood seems different. I was worried I was moving to a bad part of town but I have already met 4 of my neighbors and that was on the first day. One even kindly offered me a free couch! I have plans to make (okay, maybe buy) some cookies and officially introduce myself to the neighborhood.
  4. Cook. This is a plan that always seems to fall by the wayside. I don’t enjoy cooking, I hate cleaning the mess up afterwards, and it stinks cooking for one. But I have no roommate now, so that means my budget is very tight. No more Starbucks coffee for me and bring on the coupon shopping.
  5. Exercise. I plan on walking a mile every day. Starting Monday. Either on my treadmill, or on some local trails. However, wherever, I want to lose this fat!
  6. Cleaning. I am a bit of a slob. Dishes pile up and sit for days and days. I’m going to try to break this bad habit.
  7. Having get togethers at my house. I hate saying parties because people automatically think drinking, drugs, and crazy shenanigans. My get togethers range from young kids to grandparents so no drinking, drugs on my property! Just barbeques and good clean fun such as board games.

That’s my list so far! My mom has been staying with me for the last two weeks helping me move in, paint and set up my house. We will see how quickly this place falls apart without her here.

Painting Fun

Painting Fun


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