Maryhill Stonehenge

Driving by Maryhill in Washington State on Hwy 14 you come across a random tourist trap. A Stonehenge replica. Maryhill Stonehenge.  What is a tourist trap? A place where tourists like to go but locals groan about. (Obviously not the true definition.)

maryhill stonehenge
But today I have changed my mind. My friend Linda had never been there, so I stopped so she could take a visit. Usually I just stay in the car when I take people to Maryhill Stonehenge, but today I got out. As I walked among the stone walls I realized how beautiful the architecture really is. Even though it’s a knock off, it’s built to scale of the original Stonehenge. I felt like I was visiting authentic ruins.maryhill stonehenge
“Stonehenge at Maryhill must be the strangest monument ever erected anywhere in modern times. There on its precipice, silhouetted stark against the desert sky, it is both impressive and remote: a thing apart, something out of its time and place. Always it creates interest and curiosity.” Lois Davis Plott
The background of the Maryhill Stonehenge is interesting. It was built to be a War Memorial by someone who protested against war. Sam Hill, a life long Quaker, said of his monument, “To remind my fellow men of the incredible folly of still sacrificing human life to the god of war…At the same time, I wanted to pay tribute to the heroic dead of Klickitat Country, Washington.” The Maryhill Stonehenge became the first monument in the United States to honor the dead from World War 1.
Now that I have changed my mind about this tourist trap, take a side trip and visit this site.maryhill stonehenge


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