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About Road Trips With My Mom

Hi! My name is Tana Buckminster and I am a travel writer for my travel blog, Road Trips With My Mom. I live in The Dalles which is near Portland, Oregon. I’m planning on a 2 month long road trip with my mom Christine Buckminster and little cousin Rodney. While I recount our tales of getting lost, learning interesting things and seeing new places, please enjoy! I like to try new adventures, and visit all sorts of museums-if you have any suggestions contact me at [email protected] If I see a place that looks interesting-I either add it to the growing list or I pull over and stop! Feel free to leave any comments and follow me on Instagram, Facebook, PintrestGoogle + .  I post twice a week. It will be nice getting to know you too!

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Here is a little more info about Road Trips With My Mom and me:

Why did I choose to start a travel blog? Because I love writing about places I have visited. I hope to inspire ones to go to a place they have never been too.

What do I cover in my travel blog? Museums, Adventures, Hikes, Cities and Tourist Attractions.

Why is Road Trips With My Mom different from other travel blogs?  I relate my personal stories about places. What did I like about a place, why did I choose to go there, what did I do right or wrong.  I’m a normal traveler.

Do I classify myself as an experienced traveler? Nope! I get lost all the time, I geek out at tourist attractions, and I STILL pack to much luggage! But to make up for it, I do my research on a place before visiting.

How do I choose a place I want to visit? I ask, Does it sound like fun?  Then, how much does it cost? And last of all, who can I get to go with me?

Do I get paid to advertise? No. But I do feel very honored when a place decides to feature my blog on their Facebook page.

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road trips with my mom waaam

I choose to visit a place because it sounds interesting and fun-not because I get paid. Therefore some of the places I visit are obscure and unknown. Then I like to share them with my readers so they can visit the place too!  Not only do I promote the place I visit on my webpage, but also on my
Instagram, Facebook, Pintrest, Google + .
Who reads my blog? This is one of my favorite parts about blogging-discovering my readers! I’ll have friends randomly tell me-“Hey good post the other day.” And I stare at them bugged eyed and say, “You read my blog?!” I love getting to know my readers-please contact me at [email protected] and tell me about yourself!

Why did I name my blog Road Trips With My Mom?  At first it was because my mom and I were going on one long road trip.  Then the more I thought about it I realized that I wanted my blog to be more than just about one trip.  My Mom and I often go on road trips together, she’s my number 1 travel companion.

If you want to know how I came up with the idea to start Road trips with my mom visit here.

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