My first 5K run

I have been trying to get healthy since December 31st. As everyone knows, losing weight and keeping on track is hard. I probably would have given up by now if I hadn’t seen an advertisement for a 5k run that was for an animal shelter. I hadn’t told anybody about my healthy goals yet, because I have gotten on the fitness wagon and fallen off so many times I didn’t want to admit I was trying again. But I also didn’t want to do a 5k run by myself either. I considered who of my friends would be the most likely to do a 5k run with me. I chose Gwen because she has dogs and likes to support the local animal shelter.

To my surprise she said yes! Not only did she say yes to doing the ‘Run like a dog 5K’ run with me, but she also said yes to doing another 5k run in February with me.   I think the idea that we could dress in costumes for the heart health run in February is what convinced her to say yes. We were planning our costumes for the heart health run when another friend suggested a costume idea for the 5k  animal charity run, 101 Dalmatians. Gwen and I loved the idea! Gwen wanted to go as Cruella de Vil and I wanted to go as a Dalmatian. We looked to Pintrest and started planning our costumes.

Gwen was able to make most of her Cruella de Vil costume from her closet, but we had to go thrift store shopping for a wig to paint black and white. While there we picked up a cheap white shirt that I could glue black felt dots to as Dalmatian spots. We were heading to the fabric store to get tulle for my running tutu when Gwen remembered that she had some white tulle in her basement. She wasn’t sure how much she had, but it turned out she had A LOT. We bought elastic for the tutu, then set about making one. We chose the no sew method and used up all of her tulle. Instead of creating a short running tutu we ended up creating a huge tutu skirt. And I loved it.

I thought my costume was complete, till Gwen came up with the idea to make doggy ears. She glued black dots to white felt then glued it to a thin stiff cardboard (she used a Ritz cracker box) then glued that to a headband with lots of glue.   I was surprised at how sturdy it was. I refused to wear the pink dog collar she made me though.

A few days before the race my mom said she and Rodney would like to come down and run the 5k too. I told her she should dress Rodney up as a K 9 police officer, with their little dog Parker as the pup. But Rodney said no he didn’t want to dress up. But the night before the 5k run I found a firefighter hat at the Dollar Store, a red shirt, and a red bull horn. And I even found a matching red shirt and collar for his puppy. He loved the idea, so the next morning we set off to go to the run in costumes.

Running costumes for animal shelter charity 5k run 101 Dalmatian themed Blog account at

Running costumes for animal shelter charity 5k run

The day of the run it was down pouring rain. Gwen and I had expected it, but it was still hard to motivate ourselves to get out and into the cold. But once we were wet we were fine. We signed up for the race and then had fun taking pictures until starting time. Even though the flyer hadn’t said to dress up we weren’t the only ones in costume!

The 5k run was to take place in North Bonneville Washington. None of us had ever been here, so we weren’t sure of what the track would be like. It was beautiful! As the race started at 10 am the rain stopped but left beautiful thick white clouds to partially cover the hills. We enjoyed our walk and the scenery and Gwen and I vowed to come back again when we had a chance.

View from North Bonneville while walking Blog account

View from North Bonneville while walking.

Before the race had even started I had accepted the fact that Gwen and I would probably place last, since neither of us are fast walkers or even able to jog or run. But we didn’t! Although honestly, my mom would have beaten us if she hadn’t had to take care of a puppy and a 7 year old.

Now that the race is over we are looking forward to future 5k runs. We have multiple ones planned, including a mud run in May.



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