Hat Rock

On our crazy spur of the moment roundtrip from The Dalles, to Pendleton, to Walla Walla and back again; mom, Rodney, our new puppy Parker, and I were randomly stopping at various places.   Anything that sounded interesting and historical we stopped at. Since we were on the back roads and heading home, I figured we were done touristing today. Until we saw a sign saying Historical Hat Rock Monument. We quickly pulled over.

Do you see the Hat resemblance?  William Clark thought so. Hat Rock State Park in Oregon

Do you see the Hat resemblance? William Clark thought so. Hat Rock State Park in Oregon

The resemblance to Devils Tower in Wyoming (although MUCH smaller) made me excited to climb it. Alas, you can only take a picture near it because there is a gate around the rock.

Travel Blogger Tana Buckminster at Hat Rock State Park in Oregon

At Hat Rock State Park. No Climbing on this rock!

Disappointed we started to drive away until I spotted the historical signs. While the rock may be small in stature it does have an interesting historical background. Where did the name Hat Rock come from? William Clark wrote, “…a rock in a Lard, resembling a hat…” Don’t ask me what he meant when he said a rock in a lard.

It’s interesting because there is a sign next to this sign that sounds insulted that Hat Rock was noticed by Lewis and Clark but not two basalt pillars just up river called Cayuse Sisters. Since we had just travelled along the same route as Lewis and Clark I asked mom if she had noticed the Cayuse Sisters since I hadn’t. She hadn’t either. Opps. To me, no one should be insulted. It’s like looking at the clouds and seeing a certain shape. Sometimes a person sees the same shape as you. Sometimes not. I wouldn’t have noticed Hat Rock without the sign. And while I can see how this rock looks like a pilgrim hat, to me it makes me think of Devils Tower. I’m sure I’m insulting someone with such a “poor comparison”. I will have to be excused because I have never visited Devil’s Tower personally. It’s on the bucket list. And now so is Cayuse Sisters.



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