Tatonut Donut Shop

How far have you ever driven for a doughnut?  I had never heard of Tatonut donuts before I visited the Gulfport area.  And I wouldn’t have bothered because I’m a chocolate doughnut fan, but then I read a review saying that they were the best donuts ever.  ‘Hmmmm…..’  I thought.  I asked a local if they had ever heard of Tatonut donuts.  “Yes ma’am!  I have my husband drive over there all the time.  Now you got me craving some!”  That sold me, and since we were in the area we went and visited the shop.  And it was closed due to a back injury.

Defeated, we figured it would be closed the whole time I was visiting.  Except, later that week it was announced that Tatonut was back open!  A place has to be really good if it makes the news right?  So on my last day in Gulfport we went to Tatonut.

Tatonut Donut Shop

We drove 35 min to Ocean Springs and arrived at 10:45 am.  And they were sold out of Tatonuts!  I was sssooo disappointed until the sales girl piped up, “Try the Katrina piece, it’s almost the same thing.” Intrigued by the name I ordered one piece.

Tatonut Katrina Piece

Tatonut Katrina Piece


What is a Katrina piece?  Is it donut debris? Is it aftermath of doughnut making? Is it ugly? But most importantly, is it yummy? Yes, Yes, Yes, and YES!!!!

In the wake of Hurricane Katrina, we realized that our supply line (New Orleans) was not going to be functioning for quite some time.  We quickly started trying to make other arrangements, as our donut shop was one of the few buildings practically unscathed.  These other arrangements meant having flour FedExed from Birmingham Alabama.  Needless to say, any waste was unacceptable.  With the donuts running low, and still a line out the door, Davis said, “Here throw this in the fryer. Someone will eat it.”  It was the scrap dough from the Persian doughnuts.  Someone did in fact eat it and loved it.  The customers continued to request the oddities even after our supplies were not so scarce.  And so, a new product was born.  Katrina inspired, Mohler ingenuity.

Was the doughnut good?  Yes!  So good I went to order another one five minutes later…And they were all gone of those too! If you want to get a doughnut, any doughnut, arrive early and order two!


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