Statue of Liberty

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Statue of Liberty

There are two ways to see the Statue of Liberty, one way is free. If you jump on the Staten Island Ferry it brings you past the Statue of Liberty. It’s a 30 min trip one way. It’s easy to do, and fast. I can’t really testify to the view, because when I went it was at night. It gave me a beautiful view of the city, but a disappointing one of the Statue of Liberty.

This time I went and bought a ticket at the to see the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. This is REALLY important-book your tickets EARLY! There are 3 types of tickets-one that gives you access to the look out in the crown, one that gives you access to the pedestal and museum, and one that gives you access to the grounds only. Do not show up at the ticket booth on the date of and then be disappointed to learn that A. you can’t go B. you have to wait in a llllooonnnnggg line C. that you missed out on the museum inside the Statue of Liberty.

I debated and debated on getting a crown ticket. It warns you that there are VERY limited number of crown tickets and they sell out FAST. It also warns you that you have to be fit to climb to the top. I thought, “I can handle that.” YA RIGHT! The climb to the pedestal almost killed me off. 😛 Don’t be like me, be humble and admit it if you are not capable. If you can’t climb four flights of stairs WITHOUT STOPPING with NO A/C-DO NOT DO IT! After the pedestal the stairs are tight, twisting, and have no stopping points to take a rest. I’m glad I didn’t get the crown tickets, although it is sad that I let my weight get out of control to the point where I missed out on the opportunity to see something unique.

After going to the pedestal, we went down to the museum. Again you can only access this museum if you buy the pedestal or crown tickets. The museum focuses on the history of the Statue of Liberty.
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What inspired the Statue of Liberty?

The Tradition of the Colossus

Bartholdi’s fascination with colossal statuary flowered after a trip to Egypt in 1856. The sight of the great monuments, such as those at Thebes, profoundly moved the 22 year old sculptor. They vividly brought to life the ancient wonders which he knew only from literature. Chief among those was the Greek Colossus of Rhodes, the most important prototype for Bartholdi’s creation.

It was interesting to also see how the Statue of Liberty was used in songs, designs, art etc. It is one of many symbols that have become “American.”
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