Wild Horse Monument

What is something that can ruin a trip for you? Rain? Getting lost? Expectations being unfulfilled?

A few for me is: finding the place closed, expectations being unfulfilled, and how the place looks.

I had all 3 when I visited the Wild Horse Monument at Vantage, Washington. If your driving I-90 between Vantage and George you’ll see 16 bronze figures of horses running. It’s one of my favorite places to look for as I drive by on my way up to my moms.

When I was in high school (over 10 years ago) I took a photography class. Our assignment for the week was black and white pictures. I knew exactly what I wanted a picture of-the running horses at the Wild Horse Monument. So I drove up to Vantage, Washington and walked up the hill. Only to find the beautiful horses tagged with graffiti. I took the pictures anyways, cropping them as I could. I wasn’t a good photographer so I did a horrible job.wild horse monument graffiti

Fast forward to the present day, and I decided to go to the Wild Horse Monument again. I was fuzzy on the history of the running horses and it had been so long since I had last visited. So I gathered up Ellen and my mom and Rodney and we all went. The place was closed, but we pulled over and stopped anyways. We were racing to get to the top of the hill before sunset. We were cutting it close, and I wanted to get pictures of the horses and the story behind them.

Except…there were no plaques. Where they used to be, was nothing but graffiti. This did not bode well, but I didn’t have time to waste so I ran up the hill as fast I could. (Which isn’t fast.) Only to be greeted with graffiti colored horses again. I had a feeling this would be the case due to last time, and had planned for it. I came at sunset so I could time the photos as best as I could. And they turned out beautiful, if I do say so myself.

wild horse monument sunset

But the point is, that they were covered in graffiti. And it wasn’t recent graffiti, they had graffiti with the year 2010 written on it! That’s 5 years! Who is responsible for the upkeep of this landmark? What’s disgusting to, is that it’s such a widely popular spot. It’s closed, and it still had multiple cars and groups stopping and hiking up the hill. When you have such a beautiful landmark, you should take care of it! Let not only tourists enjoy the art, but the scenery as well.
wild horse monument view columbia river


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