The Idea

The Idea

I have always had flashes of inspiration that have moved me to dream to impossible heights. You can ask my friends about the long list of ideas I’ve talked endlessly about and then dropped. A coffee shop, an event planner, dog walker, tourist cart, etc. But none of them have worked out. I personally hate coffee (I know, I know) but the timing and place seemed to just measure up. But that blew up in my face when the person whose land and business I was going to use decided to open up a coffee place themselves. This was before there were coffee joints in every town. Before Starbucks. Gasp! So I decided to move on and ended up in a totally different area with a totally different life then I had imagined. But of course, still a dreamer.
I moved to The Dalles, Oregon.

The Dalles Oregon

The Dalles, Oregon during the winter months

A place I personally love even though many scratch their heads and think The Dalles? (Yes, the The is included and no, it’s not pronounced like Dallas Texas.) It’s small enough town to not have much traffic but big enough to find stuff to do. I have lived here for 10 years and the climate suits me just perfect. A little to the west and its to rainy and windy. Look east and it’s desert for hundreds upon hundreds of miles. I grew up in a place that had a desert/forest feel to me so this suited me just perfect. I joke that I just went down river because I still live less than a mile from the Columbia River. By the way, if you ever have a chance to visit the Gorge Area, do so! There are so many wonderful places to hike and see! Multnomah Falls is world famous as the 2nd tallest waterfall in the United States and is only a little ways from Portland and The Dalles.

Multnomah Falls, Oregon, waterfall

Multnomah Falls, Oregon at fall time

So anyways, I have always been to poor to travel much on my own but growing up my family traveled quite a bit. Not for pleasure per say but for business. My dad was an inventor who would go to different areas around the state to sell his inventions. My mom, who is full bloodied Native American, would make up moccasins or necklaces and sell them also on these business ventures. I grew up in the backseat of the car during these trips. Give me a book and notepad to write in and I was a happy clam. My dad would tell me stories during this time and we would stop at various places to ‘investigate.’ So I have always had a love of finding new places and learning their history and writing stories.
Then one day, when I was all grown up, I had an idea. (No, not this particular idea to start a travel blog.) I had come into some money and I wanted to go somewhere. I called up my mom and I asked her how she felt about going to New York? We booked it along with a tour group, where we also went and saw Washington D.C, and we loved it. That was the real start of my travel bug. Since then I have been to Mazatlan Mexico, Las Vegas, Grand Canyon, L.A, and have been back to New York another two times. Plus the numerous road trips I have done in my home states. (I consider Washington still one of my home states especially since its only a mile away and I can see it from my house.)
Time passed and the travel bug is still with me. I keep dreaming of places to go. Florida? New Orleans? Africa? Israel? Alas, I have dreams but no money to go. But something then changed. Still poor, but with some money to spend, I came up with an idea. If I carefully spent my money I could go on a summer road trip across America. But what is a road trip all by ones self? What about my mommy? (Yes, I am 30 years old but still…) So I called up my mom at 10:55 P.M and pitched the idea to her of her coming along with me. My mom being my mom didn’t bat an eye. She had also been bitten by the travel bug. She is also trying her hand at something new. She just recently lost her job and so she wants to try painting. I told her if she came along with me she could see new places and get ideas for her paintings. So this is STEP ONE. We have dreamed a dream, but now we have to PLAN.

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Hi! My name is Tana Buckminster and I am a travel writer for my travel blog, Road Trips With My Mom. I like to go on adventures, visit museums, and see new places. Come follow me on my adventures!


  1. An all summer long road trip?! Awesome! Keep the blog post coming, can’t wait to see the places you end up:)

    • Thanks Danielle! I’m going to be focusing on this area and past trips before we go. I’m going to try posting every Monday

  2. I’m so mad you were in my neighborhood and I missed you! Well, if you come back to Baltimore, please let me know!

    • We did this trip in 2011. But I would love to go back to that area, still so much to see! And of course, visit you!

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